The team



Ben founded Artifex Firearms Training after a career in the U.K. in both law and military Special Operations. As a U.K. attorney (barrister) he appeared in over 2,000 cases in the equivalent of district, appellate and military courts. Switching to serve in U.K. Special Forces he passed Selection in 1999 as a Reservist, retiring in 2012, with operational tours of Afghanistan, Iraq and Kurdistan. His military specialties included special mission unit patrols, combat medic, designated marksman and close-protection operator. Ben became a U.S. citizen in September 2018 and is very proud to call himself an American. He became a dad late in life in order to reduce the average male age in his house.



Dave completed 12 years service in the British Army, serving in the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces Support Group). Military Service included several operational deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other theaters worldwide. During this time Dave served as part of the sniper platoon and helped develop tactics, techniques and procedures inline with their supporting role to Tier 1 Special Forces. Since leaving the Army, he has completed a Masters Degree in Security & Risk Management. He also has a rabbit called Loki.



He likes to shoot stuff…. a lot. Seriously if he can shoot it, throw it, launch it, break it, blow it up or smash it he is interested. Being a Marine infantry and FAST co. veteran he can break anything, fix most things and hike until his legs fall off. Crayons are his favorite snack after a long day at the range. It really reminds him of his enlisted days sitting around MRE heaters telling stories in Afghanistan about “The one who got away”. Daniel now competes in USPSA and is classified with pistols and carbines. He also shoots tactical long range matches and hunts with bows and rifles. Hell, lets go fly fishing while we are at it.



Emily is a NRA and CA DOJ Certified Instructor, and has been shooting for more than 15 years. She has spent time competing in both sporting clays, and is currently sponsored in USPSA shooting handguns. In 2017, she was published in RECOIL Magazine and Concealment Magazine several times. Her passion is to educate shooters and demonstrate that anything is possible with the application of good practice and hard work. She loves working with non-traditional shooters and pushing others around her and herself to exceed their full potential both down and off range.



Big Tony Alvarez is a certified NRA RSO (Range Safety Officer) and an instructor for Artifex, he has been shooting for well over 30yrs. He has trained extensively in personal carry and tactical pistol, low light, carbine and long-range rifle applications and techniques. Big Tony has a martial arts background spanning over 40yrs and teaches students and seminars privately across the US. He has traveled extensively in South East Asia, India, Bangladesh, Central America and Mexico as a security professional and for action sports related business. Surfing is his thing and he has been known to do just about anything for good waves and tacos.