Artifex Firearms Training
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your gun is a tool, use it well.

Shoot. Move. communicate.


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A ground-up class for those of you who keep meaning to dust off your shotgun and establish the fundamental skills to let you run your shotgun hard and fast. This is not a beginner class, but it will cover the basics and quickly have you performing slick combat loads over/under from various mounted positions, followed by multiple target engagements, reloads, distance work with slugs, and more.


Orange County CCW

Twice monthly

This is a one day intensive Orange County Concealed Carry class approved by Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Previous shooting experience is necessary (no beginners sorry)


About Artifex:

Artifex Firearms Training was founded by a British Special forces veteran in 2012 to provide quality firearms training to civilian, Law Enforcement and military units/personnel. Artifex has delivered tactical and counter-terrorism training to major California City, County and Federal SWAT teams, including FBI HRT. Artifex is an OCSD approved CCW training provider and has delivered countless high-quality CCW initial and renewal training classes. The Artifex team has now grown to include Daniel, a Marine infantry and FAST Co. veteran and competitive shooter; Dave a UK SF-Support Group veteran; Emily, who began teaching as our first female instructor in early 2018 with extensive competitive shotgun and pistol experience; and Big Tony Alvarez, who we recommend you get to know.