Artifex Firearms Training
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your gun is a tool, use it well.

Shoot. Move. communicate.


Featured Class:


December 22 2018

Build on your existing skills as well as maintaining focus on the fundamentals (the building blocks of all good shooting). This class will focus on first round hits (speed and accuracy), mag changes (slide-lock and speed reloads), strong-hand shooting and malfunctions.


Orange County CCW

Twice monthly

This is a one day intensive Orange County Concealed Carry class approved by Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Previous shooting experience is necessary (no beginners sorry)


About Artifex:

Artifex Firearms Training was founded by a British Special forces veteran in 2012 to provide quality firearms training to civilian, Law Enforcement and military units/personnel. Since then, the Artifex team has grown to include Daniel, a Marine infantry and FAST Co. veteran and competitive shooter, and our most recent addition is Emily, who began teaching as our first female instructor in early 2018 with extensive competitive shotgun and pistol experience.