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October 28

This 4 hour course will cover basic disassembly and maintenance and will also dig deeper in the the platform and cover disassembly of all the main sub assemblies. We will study the different operating systems of the platform as well as different configurations. Special emphasis will be given to explaining and detailing California’s ever-changing gun laws as they pertain to these rifles. Class rifles are provided, but students are welcome to bring their own rifles. The goal of this class is to provide the student with exposure to different parts and aspects of the AR-15 that they might not encounter regularly. You will also leave with a more comprehensive knowledge of the workings and maintenance requirements of your rifle



For individual private CCW classes (initial or renewal) you get to choose the date and have a dedicated instructor for your 8-hour class and range shoot. Book online now and our staff will schedule you for a weekday or weekend training session to help you complete the training portion of your CCW application.


Orange County CCW

Twice monthly

This is a one day intensive Orange County Concealed Carry class approved by Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Previous shooting experience is necessary (no beginners sorry)


About Artifex:

Artifex Firearms Training was founded by a British Special forces veteran in 2012 to provide quality firearms training to civilian, Law Enforcement and military units/personnel. Artifex has delivered tactical and counter-terrorism training to major California City, County and Federal SWAT teams, including FBI HRT. Artifex is an OCSD approved CCW training provider and has delivered countless high-quality CCW initial and renewal training classes. The Artifex team has now grown to include Daniel, a Marine infantry and FAST Co. veteran and competitive shooter; Dave a UK SF-Support Group veteran; Emily, who began teaching as our first female instructor in early 2018 with extensive competitive shotgun and pistol experience; and Big Tony Alvarez, who we recommend you get to know.