Post-CCW April 20

Post-CCW April 20


April 20, Start/End time: 10am-2pm

Bring Eye protection, ear protection, personal firearm(s), 250 rounds of ammunition, CCW holster and mag holder, minimum 2 magazines.

How recently have you put yourself through an exacting CCW scenario? Never? How often do you shoot? A few times a year?  As a CCW permit holder you have the responsibility to train more than the average shooting enthusiast – after all, you carry a problem-solving tool with you wherever you go…But remember, great responsibility rests on your shoulders, and the situation you find yourself in could see you explaining your actions to a jury at the very best, or you becoming yet another crime statistic at the worst. Come to this Artifex Academy (TM) post-CCW class to get your handgun skills to the place they should be. Please note $25 range fee (payable in pistol office upon arrival) not included

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