Outlaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC

Outlaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC

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The newly developed Battle-Ready Outlaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC is available for Military, Motorcycle and Skydive customers. Aluminum Alloy frame construction, dual spring hinges, and polycarbonate Pathfinder (TM) lenses make this one bad boy. The lenses are held in place with our Ballistic Lens Bevel technology to make sure they stay in place under strenuous conditions.

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The OutLaw Eyewear Fugitive TAC is a High Performance Ultra Bad-Ass Military and Motorcycle Aluminum Sunglass. The Aluminum Frame Construction and Shatter Resistant 2.0mm 100% UV Blocking Polycarbonate lenses ensure that these sunglasses are built Rock Solid to protect you against anything you encounter. The Intense Squarish lens shape is modern, yet extremely protective of Wind, Dust, and the Sun. Dual Hinges to keep it all together. Wear them on duty or on the road, just don’t leave your OutLaw’s behind.

Now with the new Dual Surface Mount Spring Hinges for added comfort and reliability. These hinges can be replaced if they ever fail.

This newest version comes with the new release of Transition Pathfinder 3.0 lenses, which have an Anti-Reflective lens coating to remove reflections from your vision.

  • -Wind Protection-High

  • -Size-Fits Small, Medium, and Large Men. The entire frame is adjustable for a Precision Tuned Fit.

  • -Ability to see eyes through lenses- Partial. It depends on the current darkened state of the lenses

  • -Warranty- 2 Years on the Frame

  • -Includes Soft cleaning cloth/bag and Hard Case

  • -Lens Coating- Comes with Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch

  • -Lens Darkness: 17% when lenses are non activated, 84% when lenses are fully activated.

  • Achieved ANSI Z87.1-2015 for Impact protection compliance